Quantum Field Yoga

Hatha and Raja Yoga is combined with natural medicine, acupuncture meridians, and gem energies to deeply empower change and healing.

Learn to utilize Gem Yoga, Medical Yoga, and Longevity Yoga to increase natural health, restore joints, gain flexibility, and increase strength.

The Yoga Track includes certifications for Yoga Instructors and Health Practitioners.

Qi Gong

Iron Panda Woman Qi Gong is a series of practices designed for deep restoration and mastery of the human body and its potential. Based on the Taoist methods of moving meditations, breath work, mind work, and lifestyle patterns, Dr. Sara Hazel teaches you what her Chinese masters taught to her and requested that she share with the world.


Go deeper with advanced learning tracks.

Dr. Sara Hazel

Dr. Hazel is a licensed naturopathic physician who has been in family practice since 1998. Working intelligently with Nature to assist self-healing is the her objective as a naturopathic doctor, yoga and qi gong instructor.

She relies on nutrition, plant medicine, lifestyle practices, yoga, qi gong, subtle body energy counseling, bodywork, hydrotherapy, and other forms of natural medicine to enhance the healing capacity in the individual.